In 2022-23 I am teaching Math401 Statistical Fundamentals I, and Math457 Computationally Intensive Methods, as well as supervising a number of dissertations and group projects across our UG and PG programmes.


Other teaching has included

  • MATH401/501: Statistical fundamentals I (2021-22).
  • MATH451/551: Likelihood Inference (2020-21).
  • MATH454/554/457/557: Computationally Intensive Methods (2020-22).
  • MATH230: Probability II (2013-2020).
  • MATH550: Statistics in Practice (2009-2012 + 2013-14).
  • MATH332: Stochastic Processes (2010-12).
  • MATH554: Computationally Intensive Methods (2010-2012).
  • BIOL421: Statistics for LEC students (2009-2011).
  • PSYCH402: Analysis and Interpretation of Data II (2007-2011).
  • MATH460: Geostatistics (2006-2010).

Some papers by Dr. Graham Jameson

The first two can be of help with a group project on numerical integration; the third is just neat - and we used similar ideas in one of the proofs in Sherlock, Thiery and Golightly (2021).

  • Euler, Ioachimescu and the trapezium rule G.J.O. Jameson (Math. Gazette 96 (2012), 136 - 142) [pdf]
  • Interpolating polynomials and divided differences (not published) [pdf]
  • Some remarkable integrals derived from a simple algebraic identity G.J.O. Jameson and T.P. Jameson, Math. Gazette 97 (2013) [pdf]

Service Teaching

Useful web links, and data for chi-squared test.